A stray star for a stray dog
— Who howls in the dark

elcome, stranger, to Cradle and Rupture (formerly known as Excalibur), a fanlisting and tribute to the character Naoto Fuyumine from the manga series and OVA, Dogs and Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, created by Shirow Miwa. This fanlisting is listed at Anime Fanlistings under the category Characters 0-M.

Ever since I first started reading Dogs in middle school, Naoto has been one of my all-time favorite characters. As my oldest shrine, one that has stuck with me as I hopped from webspace to webspace over the years, it means a lot to me that it finally got the revamp it desperately needed, and that I can share this character with others in a more... er, fancy and coherent way, ahem.

Please be aware that there are unmarked spoilers abound. Some images are NSFW and there are mentions of violence and sexual assault in certain areas of the site. For the lattermost, I've put warnings before sections dealing with such content.

The shrine focuses primarily on the manga. English translations are provided by VIZ Media (for Dogs: Stray dogs howling in the dark), Inconnu Scans, MangaTranslation and TDX (for Dogs: Bullets & Carnage), with scans aggregated by MangaSee. As there are characters with Western and Japanese names, the full names of characters are given in the firstname lastname format to prevent confusion. Aside from a few exceptions, characters are generally referred to by their first names throughout the site.

To navigate, use the links above. Preface serves as an introduction to the series and Naoto. It also hosts supplemental material that may be helpful to both newcomers and current readers. Woman contains essays that explore her character more thoroughly. Change focuses on her development throughout the series, chronicling key events and characters that have impacted her deeply. Galleries and other goodies can be found under Media while Listing will direct you to her fanlisting. To learn more about the site, visit the appropriately named section. To return to the index, click on "Cradle and Rupture" in the header or "index" in the footer.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the site, feel free to contact me or leave a note in my guestbook.

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