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Special Thanks
For those super awesome people

'd like to thank Crae (formerly of, for managing the fanlisting for Dogs way back when. Without it, I would have never been introduced to the series in the first place!

Special thanks goes to Sumie for gifting me a set of these adorable Naoto pixels for Secret Santa; I adore them so much! Also many thanks to Lethe, whose Waterbound convinced me to step up my image gallery game a bit, and to finally try to use fancyBox for something different. Lethe also beta-tested a page or two, sent me a lovely collection of Dogs scans and helped me out with the fanmix. I'm so incredibly grateful. Thank you so much! (*´ ˘ `*)♡

As always, thank you so much to the cool people at Amassment—especially those who follow me on Twitter and had to deal with all my incoherent rambling and muttering whilst revamping the shrine. You guys are awesome, and I'm always grateful for your support and enthusiasm!

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