All of their pasts are colliding...
Dogs and Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

ogs (狗-DOGS-) is Japanese manga series created by Shirow Miwa. It first began in 2001 with a one-shot titled Dogs: Stray dogs howling in the dark (also known as Dogs: Prelude in English), which now serves as the prequel to the series. Later, in 2005, it returned with the sequel, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, and has since been serialized in Ultra Jump by Shueisha. In April 2009, VIZ Media began to release English versions of the volumes.

In 2009, an OVA adaptation of Dogs: Stray dogs howling in the dark was released, produced by David Production. In addition, the series has been adapted into two drama CDs; an adaptation of the prequel was released in 2007 while an adaptation of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage was released in 2010.

The series is currently on hiatus with 101 chapters, not including those of the prequel.

n a post-apocalyptic world devoid of seasons, where crime, violence and barbaric scientific experiments are common, four individuals cross paths with one another: Mihai Mihaeroff, a retired assassin, Badou Nails, an informant, Naoto Fuyumine, a swordswoman, and Heine Rammsteiner, a product of genetic manipulation. Although they come from incredibly different backgrounds, they find that their stories are somehow intertwined, and that they lead to one place: the underground, a realm far below the surface whose entrance has long since been forgotten.

Despite what dangers may await them, the four seek a way into the underground, determined to solve the mysteries of the city and to redeem themselves of their pasts.

t its core, Dogs is all about coming to terms with one's identity and facing the hard truths that may come with it. It is certainly more of a dark and serious sort of series, but it's not without its comedic relief and there are some lighthearted moments scattered here and there. Although it can be a bit chaotic to read (for reasons disclosed further down below), Miwa produces some damn gorgeous artwork—emphasis on gorgeous!—and unique character designs.

While the story has a bit of a slow start in the beginning of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, it picks up eventually and from then on just continues building. If anything, check out the prequel, Dogs: Stray dogs howling in the dark, and if you find yourself still intrigued, then by all means, continue reading on!

Main Characters

Although old and retired, Mihai Mihaeroff can still kick your ass. Once a renowned assassin, he returns to the city to settle his past. Nowadays he helps out at the restaurant, Buon Viaggo, but quickly finds himself swept up in the events of the story. Although his ties to the underground are unclear, his name seems to hold some significance to those who dwell there. An informant working whatever odd jobs are available to him, Badou Nails' only concern seems to be making ends meet. Despite his carefree attitude, he is also somehow connected to the underground. Due to his past, however, he is wary of getting too close to it and whoever—or whatever—lives there. He's a nicotine addict, but gunsmoke apparently works just fine for him as a substitute.
A skilled swordswoman and fighter, Naoto Fuyumine lost her memory long ago due to a traumatic attack which resulted in the death of her parents. Ever since, her life mission has been to seek vengeance on the one who killed them: the "other Naoto." (More...) Heine Rammsteiner, a cold man with a mysterious past. Adorned on his neck is a collar that both enhances his fighting power and chains him to a darker being contained within him. When this "Kerberos" is fully unleashed, he goes berserk and loses control of himself. He has a strong aversion to women.

lthough it has an engaging story and gorgeous artwork, Dogs can be a rather chaotic series to read. This is in part due to the intense fight scenes that occur nearly every chapter, and in part due to the art style, which generally focuses more on the characters than on the scenery around them. At times, dialogue can also be poorly paced, leading to exhaustive expositions that may confuse readers more than clarify the story.

The articles below provide an illustration of the setting of Dogs as well as a timeline of events, tracing the way the story and characters move between key locations. However, they more or less assume that you are familiar with at least some of the characters.

The Blade Maiden
Naoto Fuyumine (冬峰・直刀)

Name: Naoto Fuyumine (冬峰・直刀, Fuyumine Naoto)
Nicknames: Nao-chan, Nee-chan, Naoto-kun, Naoto-hime
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown (manga), deep blue/indigo (OVA)
Typical Attire: black boots, coat, scarf
Weapon(s): katana, knife
First Appearance: Dogs: Stray dogs howling in the dark, Chapter 3, "Blade Maiden [Part 1]"
Voice Actress: Shizuka Itou
A blade that does not fear anyone, holding a grudge for a wound that nobody shares, this is also a stray dog.
  • Chapter 2: "Maiden & Eisen"
    Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
ne of the series' four main protagonists, Naoto Fuyumine suffers from amnesia. The earliest memory she has is that of the brutal murder of her parents when she was a child.

After being rescued by a man named Fuyumine, she spends the next few years under his tutelage, learning how to fight and wield a blade. In the beginning, she believes Fuyumine to be her family's murderer and resolves to kill him. Later, she discovers that he is not the one she is looking for, and that the true killer apparently shares the same name as her. Leaving what home she has, Naoto embarks on a journey to hunt this "other Naoto" and to, perhaps, recover her lost memories.

Although she possesses a cold demeanor, Naoto is one of the gentlest out of the four main characters. Level-headed and calm in most situations, she is more hesitant to kill and tries to do the right thing when granted the opportunity. Regardless of what side she's on, she will not let another person get killed in front of her eyes—not without a reason, anyway.


  1. Out of the four protagonists, Naoto is the only one whose name is not of European origin; it is Japanese.
  2. Prior to the start of Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, her job seemed to be delivering newspapers.