See me bare my teeth for you
A fanmix of sorts

his mix took me forever to make because I had some difficulty finding songs that were related and also fit the overall sound I wanted. There's a few tonal shifts throughout the compilation, going from loud to soft to loud again at times. They give the mix that jarring feeling I desired, but I realize they might come as an unwelcome surprise to some, so this is a warning in advance! As always, I might add more songs in the future whenever I'm feeling inspired.

Many thanks to Lethe for giving me some recommendations ("Marchin On," specifically!) and just listening to me rant and complain while making this. (Seriously, why do you keep helping my sorry ass??? /sobs) You're the best!

You can listen to the mix on Playmoss here.

Who Are You, Really?

by Mikky Ekko
a stray dog without a name. intro.
Who, who are you really? / And where, where are you going? / I've got nothing left to prove / Cause I've got nothing left to lose / See me bare my teeth for you / Who, who are you?

Keep The Streets Empty For Me

by Fever Ray
naoto & memory.
Memory comes when memory's old / I am never the first to know / Following the stream up North / Where do people like us float

I Know I'm A Wolf

by Young Heretics
fuyumine to naoto. unknown intentions.
Dear rabbit, my legs are getting weak chasing you / The snow fields wouldn't seem so big if you knew / That this blood on my teeth, it is far beyond dry / And I've captured you once, but I wasn't quite right / So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me

Black Eyes

by Radical Face
naoto & frühling & magato. vengeance.
Take a step, take another step, take another step, not a care for where they fall / You burned me, yeah you’ve burned me, yeah you’ve burned me now one too many times / My thoughts are the cold kind, I’ve got storm clouds that are brewing behind my eyes / And my heart will be blacker than your eyes when I’m through with you

Born To Be Wild (Epic Trailer Version)

by J2, Blu Holliday
naoto vs. magato. first blood.
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen / Take the world in a love embrace / Fire all of your guns at once / And explode into space / Born to be wild / You were born to be wild


by Twenty One Pilots
heine to naoto. discovering allies.
We don't deal with outsiders very well / They say newcomers have a certain smell / You have trust issues, not to mention / They say they can smell your intentions


by Imagine Dragons
learning her true origins.
We all are living in a dream / But life ain't what it seems / Oh everything's a mess / And all these sorrows I have seen / They lead me to believe / That everything's a mess

Marchin On

by OneRepublic
naoto & heine. last resorts.
There's so many wars we fought, / There's so many things we're not, / But with what we have, / I promise you that / We're marching on

The Hunter

by Snow Ghosts
You wandered through the willows / In the forest you were found / Trying to hide your footprints in the ground / It's not so wise, if you try to run / It's not so wise, you know I've won, you know I've won

Breath of Life

by Florence + the Machine
naoto & einstürzen. calamity.
It's a harder way and it's come to claim her / And I always say, we should be together / And I can see below, 'cause there's something in here / And if you are gone, I will not belong here

Spanish Sahara

by Foals
what's left behind. memory & forgetting.
Forget the horror here / Leave it all down here / It's future rust and then it's future dust


by Antonio Pinto and Dudu Aram
and the road winds on. outro.