Growth over time

ver the course of the series, Naoto changes in part due to the events occurring around her and in part due to the people she interacts with. The essays below document her growth over time and the relationships she has made with others.

Not all of the characters she interacts with are represented here, though they are certainly touched upon in other parts of the site. Similarly, some of the characters that I do focus on do not necessarily hold a strong relationship with her. However, I thought that there was enough substance to their interactions to expand on them.

Initially, when I began revamping the shrine, I considered removing the relationship pages altogether and integrating that content into different parts of the site. However, upon further consideration, I believe Naoto's greatest growth as an individual is in the bonds she forms. Whereas she is cold and distant in the beginning, later, she allows herself to place her trust in others. I wanted to depict that change somehow and so here they are in the end. I'm slightly tempted to reinvent them into a series of different essays, but for now, this will suffice. Plus I have a lot to say about some of them aside from their connection to Naoto, okay.